The Brisbane Etchells Fleet is ready to host the 2018 World Championships

2018 will be the 25th Anniversary of the Etchells World Championships being held on the waters of Moreton Bay and to celebrate this significant occasion, our squadron will host a truly memorable regatta, both on and off the water.

Brisbane Etchells was established in 1976 at Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron. During these 38 years of existence, Brisbane Etchells has produced several International Governors, many National Champions and the 2009 World Champions. We also have many of our current sailors participating in National and World Championships, so we are renowned for travel. This has been at the centre of the Fleet policy in assisting our sailors to compete at the highest level.

Brisbane Etchells is committed to hosting a world-class event; we have the history, we have the energy, and we have the support of a sailing community and Yacht Squadron that has succeeded in similar regattas in the past. We look forward to the opportunity to match world-class facilities with the world’s greatest sailing class.